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November 24, 2014
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Through our donor program, PlasmaLab provides medical researchers important biomedical products the medical research for the treatment and cure of many autoimmune diseases and allergy related illnesses.

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Why donate plasma?

If you suffer from certain allergies or medical conditions, and you choose to donate your plasma, you essentially become an integral part in helping solve the complex puzzle of many diseases affecting humanity. You could even save a person’s life.

Your unique blood plasma contains the special antibodies needed by diagnostic and research facilities which ultimately may help others live healthier lives. It presently can only be obtained from special human donors. You may qualify to donate on a regular basis or for a limited number of times. PlasmaLab International follows strict FDA guidelines and each donor must meet certain requirements in order to donate.

Each donor receives the following benefits:

  • Generous paid compensation for plasma donation.
  • Free specialized laboratory testing
  • Free health care evaluation
  • Free donor screening
  • Free allergy skin testing and laboratory results after being accepted into the program.
  • Potential for long term participation.
  • Special consideration and social support.

We strive for a positive individualized donor experience as many of our plasma donors are dealing with significant chronic illness.

Is donating safe?

Donating plasma is relatively safe and painless when performed by skilled personnel in a facility like PlasmaLab International which is licensed by the FDA. The procedure is performed by highly qualified personnel following stringent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. Needles and bags used to collect plasma are used only once and then discarded, making spread of infection to the donor virtually impossible. Plasma fluids are extracted from the body in a controlled process by a machine where the red blood cells and plasma are separated from each other. Afterwards, the red blood cells are returned back into the circulatory system and saline is given at the end of the procedure.

Reactions to donating plasma are uncommon, but when they do occur, generally are brief and consist of light headedness stemming mostly from lack of proper hydration prior to the procedure. Plasma consists mostly water and in a typical donation session someone may lose about a half a gallon of fluids.


Plasma is collected from qualified donors using a state-of-the-art automated machine with a single intravenous needle. The needle remains in place painlessly for approximately 60 minutes, and saline is given at the end of the procedure. Donating plasma is a very comfortable procedure.

PlasmaLab International strictly follows FDA guidelines and each donor must meet some simple health requirements in order to donate:

  • Between 18 and 69 years of age
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Generally in good health
  • No history of injectable, illicit drug use
  • Negative for Hepatitis B, C and HIV, we test all donor candidates.
  • Have good veins
  • Valid photo identification
  • Hematocrit of 38% or greater
  • Total serum protein of 6.0gm or greater
  • Proof from in-house testing that the blood contains high levels of autoimmune or specific IgE antibodies.

We encourage donors to bring supporting laboratory test results to the screening appointment. We screen approximately 1, 200 donors per year.

There are never any charges for evaluative or testing services, as these services are preformed for donor qualifications and safety. All test and evaluative data are made available to the patient and patient’s healthcare providers upon request.

IMPORTANT: Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy meal two hours prior to donating plasma.


PlasmaLab International is currently qualifying individuals for several unique plasma donation programs (list of plasma programs below).

If you have been diagnosed or are being treated by a physician for any of the conditions listed below, you may qualify for one of our special plasma collection programs, and be compensated for your time.

Your blood will be tested, free of charge, to determine if you qualify. Bring any supporting laboratory test results with you to this free screening appointment. The key factor to qualify involves having a condition associated to one of the programs below, and meeting normal FDA requirements for donating listed on the To Donate page.

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